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Intercom delivers cutting-edge telecommunications products and services to all sizes of companies affordably.


We believe quality should come with cost savings

Our goal at Vivatel Communications has always been simple: to affordably deliver cutting-edge telecommunication products and services to all businesses both big and small. By utilizing our unique network technology, Vivatel will help your business communicate more effectively while lowering initial capital costs and ongoing dial tone and long distance charges.

Popular Business Packages to get you started


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Perfect for small businesses


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Perfect for growing businesses


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Perfect for established businesses

Custom solutions for any sized business


Cloud Telecom

Hosted VoIP services offer an incredible value vs. traditional phone lines. Layer on our Live Call Reporting along with our Call Center functionality and you have a state of the art telecom solution for your small business that can easily scale as your needs grow.

Cloud + Traditional Telecom

Hosted VoIP or SIP trunking to your existing PBX options from InterCom can help take your growing business forward. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation. We can design an option that works best for you.

Voice and Data Aggregation

Vivatel can help you to converge voice and data services to bring your network infrastructure up-to-date, reduce costs, and simplify management—with an intelligent, tailored approach built around your needs.


could be saved on your monthly telecom bills

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Improve your business communications with InterCom Hosted PBX. The future of your business is a phone call away.

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