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Thank you for visiting our new site.

We are very excited to deliver enhanced tools that both allow for better communication with our current customers as well as quicker access to information for all new visitors to our site researching InterCom.

Can VoIP benefit your business?

Please check out our new Support tab. There you can find easy access to all of the VoIP hardware user guides, as well as voicemail instructions to enhance your day to day experience.

We are also excited to announce the general release of our newest product, Call Reporting. This product will give you instant insight into your organizations inbound and outbound call history.

The Reporting suite will contain real time call statistics such as calls per queue (i.e.Customer Service, Sales, Accounting) calls per hour, and calls per day.

This is also the location where your recorded calls can be accessed and reviewed.

Please give us a call to see how this new product improve communications within your organization.

InterCom Support Team