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Redundancy with realtime Failover for Office and Retail

InterCom offers your business redundency with realtime Failover 

Say goodbye to downtime

InterCom provides Internet Failover Service (IFS). This unique service allows any business to combine multiple internet connections from any carrier(s) to create reliable internet connectivity. If one Internet connection suddenly goes offline, traffic will continue to flow to its destination and no data will be lost. If the problem connection becomes active again, the system will automatically add it back to its pipeline. No special configurations or specialist required to make changes to your network. Keep what you have and back it up with another internet connection. It’s that simple.

Chances are, you might never realize you had an offline link.

Same-IP Failover

InterCom Internet Failover Service has the ability to maintain the gateway IP address and the Internet access. Application sessions (phone calls, credit/debit payment, media streams, etc.) continue uninterrupted.

Per-packet balancing

Each application session (phone call, for example) is broken into packets which are sent over the network. If a connection goes offline, the system just re-routes the packets meaning your session continues without interruption.

Say goodbye to downtime

Bonded Bandwidth

Combine our Internet connectivity options or mix them with any carriers DSL, Cable, fiber, or LTE etc. 

Quality of Service(QoS) 

Assign priority layers within your connection(s) for your critical applications free from any disturbances like jitter and latency.

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