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Software Defined Wide Area Networks

All the bells and whistles of complex WAN setups can now be deployed remotely across your network at any location with a few simple clicks.

InterCom is delivering the WAN you need

Our unique technology allows us to setup virtually any network situation with powerful features. You can build an entire network using our SD-WAN or integrate our SD-WAN onto your existing network to enhance underperforming aspects and cut costs.

High quality voice

InterCom offers QoS on any connection type and dedicates the best up and down tunnel for your VoIP calls.

Robust Internet Speeds

InterCom lets you combine Internet connections of any type or carrier to create one large bandwdith pipe for all your applications.

Always Connected

InterCom lets you combine any Interenet connection type from any carrier and Failover bewteen them. No packet loss, no dropped calls.

Quality of Service(QoS) for any Application

Inconsistent bandwidth speeds and choppy VoIP are an everyday concern for businesses. Using InterCom QoS lets you assign unlimited priority layers on a single link or inside InterCom’s combined links. IntreCom’s QoS determines the performance of your link or combined links to carve out a reliable Pipe. Within this new reliable Pipe, you can assign unlimited priority layers for your critical applications such as VoIP, while Data flows free from any disturbances like jitter and latency.

QoS for everyone!

With InterCom, businesses are no longer required to pay heavy premiums for QoS – our system will manage the flow of traffic between sites so that your calls and video conferences remain crisp and clean.

End-to-End QoS

Your business dependence on voice and video communications will grow overtime. So does the need for those apps to reach their destination. Get the peace of mind that their packets will make the trip free of any disturbances like jitter and latency.

Bonded Bandwidth for your applications

As you move more and more applications to the cloud, your demand for bandwidth increases: more users, more information, wider highway. With InterCom, you can now combine FWA, DSLs, Cable, and virtually any other access connection from InterCom or any other carrier. By combining your connections you introduce the sum-total aggregation of upload and download in both directions to your network. You can now have all the bandwidth you need and expand as you need too.

Use what you have and add more connections

VivaTel bandwidth stacking technology allows you to keep your existing ISP agreements. You can take advantage of using your backup conections as well and take advantage of new features such as Failover.

Scale your bandwidth

Perfectly suited for businesses with slow connections due to poor line quality or who experience persistent outages. Adaptively increase network bandwidth by stacking on additional lines, so the network scales to meet your business needs at consistent speeds required.

Failover – say goodbye to downtime

InterCom provides Internet Failover Service (IFS). This unique service allows any business to combine multiple internet connections from any carrier(s) to create reliable internet connectivity. If one Internet connection suddenly goes offline, traffic will continue to flow to its destination and no data will be lost. If the problem connection becomes active again, the system will automatically add it back to its pipeline. No special configurations or specialist required to make changes to your network. Keep what you have and back it up with another internet connection. It’s that simple.

Chances are, you might never realize you had an offline link.

Same-IP Failover

With InterCom SD WAN Service, the secret is in the system’s ability to maintain the gateway IP address and the Internet access. Because of this “secret sauce”, application sessions (phone calls, media streams, etc.) continue uninterrupted.

Per-packet balancing

On top of the IP Address remaining the same even when a connection fails, each application session (phone call, for example) is broken into packets which are sent over the network. If a connection goes offline, the system just re-routes the packets – meaning your session continues without interruption.

Get more out of your network

Our SD-WAN technology introduces sum-total aggregation of upload and download bandwidth, QoS on single or multiple Internet connections, Failover for redudency and all under a single-IP address. But the features don’t end there.

  • Site to site Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Packet Spliting
  • Throughput Acceleration
  • QoS for any application
  • Private WAN
  • VPN
  • Bandwidth Adaptation
  • High Availabilty Failover between multiple Hardware devices
  • Zero Touch provisioning
  • Alternative to MPLS or MPLS replacement
  • Packet Monitoring

Design your business communications with InterCom