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SIP Trunk

InterCom offers your business the ultimate IP phone  technology. More features, great quality, lower cost.

InterCom SIP Trunks make it easy to add lines to your business.

SIP Trunking is a way to connect your VoIP gateway and/or legacy telephone system to the conventional telephone network for sending and receiving calls at dramatically reduced costs. By allowing legacy PBX the ability to connect to our VoIP platform, you can benefit by lowering your monthly telecom expenses vs. traditional PRI services.

Smart and powerful

Simplify your organization’s telecommunications and prepare for the latest real-time communications enhancements.



SIP allows for realtime adding or removing of capacity to ensure you are only paying for the services you need.

Lower Costs

Compared to traditional phone lines or PRI T1 services, SIP offers the lowest in per trunk / line pricing.

Get all the features

  • Save money on long distance service Long distance service typically costs significantly less with a SIP trunk connection.
  • Eliminate a redundant network Deploying SIP trunking is a logical step towards the goal of having a single, IP-based network, rather than redundant telephone and data networks.
  • Eliminate BRI and PRI subscription fees With a SIP trunk connected directly to an Internet telephony service provider, you can dispense with costly BRIs and PRIs, replacing them with a service that can cost significantly less. Also, you can now buy the capacity you need rather than buying lines in blocks of 24.
This service is ideal for:

  • PRI Replacement
  • Nationwide DID service (a virtual local presence even if you don’t have an office in the area)
  • Wholesale origination / termination
  • Disaster Recovery (if your PRI T1 ever goes down)

Add QoS and Failover for quality and reliability.

Want to get started?


Hosted PBX

InterCom hosted PBX phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill significantly compared to a traditional business phone systems. Get ready for more features and savings.

Quality of Service (QoS)

With InterCom, businesses are no longer required to pay heavy premiums for QoS – our system will manage the flow of traffic between sites so that your calls and video conferences remain crisp and clean.

Call Reporting

Get complete visibility into each and every call that happens in your organization.

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