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Bonded Bandwidth

InterCom offers scalability of bandwidth for applications and situations where your business needs it most

Bonded Bandwidth for Your applications

With InterCom, you can now combine DSL, Cable, Fiber and virtually any other Internet connection from InterCom, or any carrier, into a single, more powerful connection.  By combining your connections you introduce the sum total of both upload and download bandwidths to your network. You can now have all the bandwidth you require and expand as needed.

Use what you have and add more connections

InterCom bonded bandwidth technology allows you to keep your existing ISP agreements. You can take advantage of using your backup connections as well and take advantage of new features such as Active Failover.

Scale your bandwidth

Perfectly suited for businesses with slow connections due to poor line quality or who experience persistent outages. Adaptively increase network bandwidth by bonding on additional connections so the network scales to meet your business needs at the consistent speeds required

Bonded Bandwidth

Quality of Service(QoS) 

Assign priority layers within your connection(s) for your critical applications. Eliminate jitter and latency.

Failover – No more downtime

Combine multiple Internet connections to create reliable Internet connectivity and failover between them.

Consult with an expert

If you have questions or need guidance with selecting the proper product for your business, please contact us.